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Digital integration for businesses is no longer the thing of science fiction –

the future is now.

No matter their age bracket, people in our community now have the technological sensitivity to expect the seamless, personalised integration of your business touchpoints into their physical experience. We know that close to 70% of customers are using their own devices while exploring your business, so it’s important that your spaces keep up with these technological advancements in order to be relevant. Integrating spaces with the environment has been Entwined’s speciality for over 10 years. Let us help you develop places for the future.

Design & Implement the Ultimate Retail Spaces


Surprise, Wonder, and Inspire.


We create retail spaces that performs for the future, transforming spaces into a spectacular destinations that combine the benefits of face-to-face customer service with cutting edge digital marketing strategies.

By integrating the right technology, we can help you understand your customers, provide personalised and targeted content, keep customers better informed, create engaging experiences through customer interaction, or even provide better orientation through dynamic signage facilities.


These solutions won’t just make your store a sensational location, they’ll increase your foot traffic with measurable results.

Possible Solutions: Integrate a unique combination of digital screens, touch screens, NFC, mobile apps, POS & payment integration, ecommerce, social networks, digital catalogues, connectivity, audio visual and augmented reality.



Build Public Spaces for the Future


Delight, Engage and Inform.


We've worked with councils and public facilitators across Australia to design and implement digital signage solutions that have a real impact on public engagement. Digital signage not only makes life in the public space more engaging to navigate, it brings a new level of vibrancy and colour to the everyday.


From vehicle tracking linked to timetable signage, to gallery and museum entries and kiosk systems, we can help you reinvigorate public engagement. 

Possible Solutions: We can provide integrations across digital signage and outdoor screens, touch screens and kiosks, projection mapping, or vehicle and workforce tracking.



Create an Integrated Home Environment


Intuitive, Simple and Beautiful.


We pull together all the technology of the home into a seamless, user friendly system. From Audio Visual Entertainment rooms to security systems, we can work with your architects or renovation teams to create the ultimate living spaces.  

Possible Solutions: complete your dream home through energy management, Audio Visual systems, lighting and ambience control, and more.


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